1. You will finally understand what steals your time  
2. You will become aware of the value of your time

3. You will learn to perceive the flow of time  

4. You will accomplish more high priority (vs lower priority) tasks 
5. You will feel better due to improved time management skills and reduced time anxiety
6. You will enjoy increased awareness of your thinking, decision-making and living                                            
7. You will become more even-tempered, self-possessed and resilient when facing a challenge, and thus a good problem solver capable of successfully getting through life's difficulties    
8. You will stop procrastinating  
9. You will value yourself and your family more  
10. You will get your 
personal growth boosted, which will entail substantial progress in all the spheres of your life.

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     Every day brings us new opportunities.  However, one of the phrases we hear – and say! – quite often is "I have no time".  Time runs fast and slips away - but do we always notice what days, months and years of our life are dedicated to?

    All of us, whose work requires using a computer, are well aware of the numerous entertaining activities on the web lying in wait for our time and attention – social media, news, pics of cute kittens… I bet you can easily add to the list as sources of digital distraction are countless. 

    In this article I share my experience of using TimeStats to detect the time leaks taking web surfing as an example.  

The algorithm of your actions is very simple :

1. First you need to investigate what your time is spent. During a period (one-six months ) keep records of time - what are your doings and how long they takes.

To do this, there is ample choice of applications (eg, TimeStats Planner).

2. With the application reports analyze statistics of using time for the period. Priorities.

   You can use the A-B-C method.


Effectiveness is doing the right things. Your ability to plan and organize your work, in advance, so you are always working on your highest value tasks determines your success as much as any other factor.
   The best method for setting priorities on your list of tasks is the A-B-C-D-E method.

   So the three steps of Brian Tracy’s Successful A-B-C-D-E Method:

  header3  1. What is TimeStats  Planner?

 TimeStats  Planner is an application that lets you plan your activities and track the time spent.

    2. Yet another application for time tracking? Thousands of them ...

 I had been looking for an application to increase my efficiency – and no ideal was found. Thus, I had to write an app of my own.

This application integrates:

- Time Tracker

- Task/Project/Context Manager
- Timer
- Scheduler for day/week/month
- Calendar
- Kanban board
- Diagrams
- Export data reports to csv

      3. How does the timer work?

Create contexts, projects, tasks. Select the task, start the timer and save the result after you finish. The saved time of the task/ project / context is ready to be displayed in the reports. There is a "Reset" button on the “Timer” page to cancel the task started, without saving time statistics, if, for example, the task for tracking has been selected mistakenly.

There is an option to set the alarm-clock to control your time on the timer page.

Use the tool to improve your performance.

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